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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
Stephen R. Covey
New Moon
Stephenie Meyer
Great Expectations (Dover Thrift Editions)
Charles Dickens
Out of Our Past
Carl N. Degler
44 Scotland Street
Alexander McCall Smith
Creating Wealth
Kenneth H. Blanchard, Robert Lorber, Blancharddlorber
Stephen Fry in America
Stephen Fry
Real Cardiff
Peter Finch

Never Say Die & Whistleblower: Never Say DieWhistleblower

Never Say Die / Whistleblower - Tess Gerritsen An easy and quick read. Not as good as Gerritsen's later work. Quick summary: Whistleblower on the run from FBI rouge hunter, baddies are developing smallpox virus as WMD, whistleblower shot and knocked down by random woman in car, random woman wronged by men in the past, they go to hospital, people die, on the run again, take risks, get evidence to bring down baddies in FBI and DC, all ends well, random woman and whistleblower fall in love and escape in a taxi...